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Feb 27, 2014 3:00am PST
rights. we need to protect both. it's not an easy delicate balance. but my rights of freedom of religion are in the first amendment to the united states constitution. >> yes, they are. >> when should they take a state? this law in arizona you have to prove as a businessman you were being burdened in your religious exercise. it didn't give the right of people to just say, i discriminated based on my faith. you had 11 republicans and democrats, harvard law professors and others saying this has been mischaracterized. >> you didn't need the law because there is no special protection. i want to move off that point to the point you just made. substantial burden to my faith. how is it a substantial burden to your faith to take photos of a gay wedding if you are a catholic? >> i think if people say, listen, i don't want to sanction polygamy or gay marriage or anything other than traditional marriage, we need to respect that. if you don't like it, shop around. it's not hard for gays to find somebody who is going to take a picture of them is there? >> how is it a substantial burden to your catholi
Mar 6, 2014 3:00am PST
just as important. when it comes to religion, i believe the dialogue is all about exclusion. it's all about negativity. and the pope is flipping that dialogue. he's saying my faith is about love. my faith is about service to others. why are you asking me about who i don't like? i don't want to focus on those things. that may be equally powerful. it's not the predominant thinking that we see here. >> his language seems very carefully chosen to open the doors to some possibilities. it's open to interpretation so people can look at it and say it wasn't certain that he said that, but he may have. let's discuss that. >> it may take years and years for major change, as it always has for the catholic church. >> you know, being religious doesn't mean you spend all your time figuring out who's not as good as you are. >>> coming up next on "new day," we're learning more about the florida mother who drove her minivan into the ocean. she had her three children inside as well. did she do it on purpose? on update ahead. >>> plus a news anchor on russia's state run news is telling the world why she
Feb 28, 2014 3:00am PST
that sb 1062 is going to cause discrimination based upon religion in arizona. i scoffed at that until tonight. when a muslim waiter serving up here walked up to sheriff joe, wouldn't give him his dinner because he says i don't serve slime. >> reporter: he was a supporter of the immigration law in 2010. he declined to speak with cnn said the statements i maid were satirical comedy. did this roast go too far? >> it was a roast. john kavanaugh is my friend. he's not a racist. there's a double standard around here. everybody is talking about him. what about the activists and these civil rights that call mena decide and hitler. why isn't there an uproar about calling me every name in the book. why are they worried about some roast? >> yes. all right. coming up next on "new day" -- it does matter when you tell jokes. coming up next on "new day" sure it's an honor being nominated but there are no losers on oscar night. wait until you see what the stars will be going home with in those gift bags. i got to go back to hollywood. >> i'm sure they will report them on their taxes. ♪ honestly? i
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3